The name that powers The Prolific Pen is Louise Beech. I've been a freelance copywriter for, crikey, getting on for 30 years and I'm as passionate as ever about creating great copy that speaks volumes and says it all.

Everyday I get to write new material, from brochures, corporate newsletters and e-shots, brand guidelines and SEO-friendly web pages to press releases, case studies, news articles, blogs and white papers. I am lucky enough to work with some truly terrific clients from diverse industry sectors who trust me to turn what they want to say into creative copy that sells, informs, moves and inspires.

I have a way with words. I make them perform for me. I find the ones that convey the right message or emotion and then I put them together to make an impact that will stay in the mind long after the eyes have moved away.

That's what good copywriting does. Powerful, persuasive words bring the page alive and give the reader a taste of what you're about and why people should be doing business with you.

Did I bring your page alive?